Cricket Betting Tips

Betting on Cricket should be fun, and most of the time it will be. It gives any match you're watching a bit of an added edge; it makes it more interesting. But everyone enjoys it more when they have a winning bet. Which can be easier said than done! To help you win some real money we've put together some great Cricket Betting Tips for you to use.

Do your Research

The first of our cricket betting tips is probably the most obvious. Before having a bet on the cricket you should check out the team news, weather conditions, player form etc. If you can get some early team news or weather forecast before the bookmaker can, you might be able to place a bet before they have time to change the live cricket odds accordingly.

It's all about gaining an edge in the world of gambling and this is a great opportunity to do so. Remain ahead of the game!

Look for Value

If you want to be succesful as online betting in any sport, then it's essential to get your head around this. Value is the most important of all of our cricket betting tips. In any form of gambling, if you are to beat the house you need to get an edge over them. You need to be able to place bets on selections where they have got the odds wrong. You need to be able to place a bet on the Chennai Super Kings when the odds are 1.8 but you think they should actually be 1.6. As you become more experienced at cricket betting you will find it easier to pick out 'value bets'.

Shop Around for the Best Cricket Odds

Everyone wants to get the best return on investment in any part of their life. Whether it's interest on a bank account or with their cricket bets. As there are so many cricket betting sites available to Indians now, it makes sense to find the best odds you can for the bet you want to make. There can sometimes be fairly large differences in cricket betting odds, so make sure you are getting the highest odds for your bet!

You no longer have to rely on the big boys like Bet365 and Dafabet. Check out our cricket betting site reviews to find out which bookmaker's offer the best cricket odds.

Best Cricket Betting Odds
Search for the Best Cricket Betting Odds

Don't Disregard Lower Leagues

Everyone likes to have a bet on the big cricket matches. Maybe the IPL games or the Caribbean Premier League. But ask yourself this, is a bookmaker more likely to get the odds right for an IPL game or an obscure game from the Afghanistan League? Undoubtedly the IPL game.

So that makes tip number 4 from our cricket betting tips: Look to the lower leagues. If you are looking for value (as previously mentioned) you might want to look to a league where the bookmaker isn't such an expert.

Indian Rural Cricket League
See if you can get some inside information on the lower leagues!

Maybe speak to some of the players in the Indian Rural Cricket League and try to find out some team news before placing a bet!

Look at the more Obscure Markets

Similar to the reasoning for not disregarding lower leagues, a bookmaker is likely to spend much more time over the main cricket markets like Match Prices or Over/Under Runs. See if you can find a more obscure market where you can gain a bit of an edge over them. Check out some of the markets you can bet on with our Ultimate Guide to Online Cricket Betting page.

Have a Staking Plan

If you want be succesful at betting on the cricket over a decent length of time, you need to be sensible with your money. That's why our penultimate cricket betting tip is to have a staking plan. A staking plan is basically a guide to how much cash you should place on each bet, usually a percentage of your overall betting bank.

For example, you shouldn't place 90% of you bank balance on a bet, no matter how much of a sure thing you think it is. It would be sensible to place no more than 10% of your bank balance on each bet. We'd also suggest you should bet less cash at higher odds and comparitively more at lower odds.

Ignore the Statistics

Our final cricket betting tip is a bit of a strange one, but hear us out! Many bookmaker sites will show you statistics from the last 5/10 games two teams played against each other. In most forms of cricket, teams will only face each other once a year, or even once every two years. So it makes no sense to take into account something that happened a long time ago when the players were different, the conditions were different and team momentum was different. Instead look at very recent form of the key players involved in games.

With these helpful cricket betting tips you are ready to take on the bookmaker now! Remember these tips are there to give you a better chance of winning money, they do not guarantee that you will always win. Good luck!